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Magical Toadstool House

Scroll to the bottom for the template.

It's the first day of level 4 lock down, again. Last night after the announcement, I didn't jump in the car and race down to get chocolate and wine, sorry I mean bread and toilet paper. I was too busy wondering what I was going to do with three children, in a tiny house, in winter, while hubby continues to work (essential services). Also, thankfully, I had been shopping earlier. I wondered if others would be thinking the same thing, or maybe it would be a thought that came to them later in the week after the novelty, stress, anxiety, fear, annoyance or whichever other emotion, wore off. What could we get up to with minimal materials and time and be educational and engaging. Then I wondered if perhaps, I should make it available to you, hopefully to help you out of a tricky spot.

I noticed a book sitting slight askew on our bookshelf called "The Little Guys" by Vera Brosgo. A toadstool and acorn person peeked out. Inspiration danced around in my head. I asked Master 8 what we could use for a craft activity and he immediately answered "toilet rolls". I remembered the stash he had under his bed which he was saving for a rainy day. A light pitter patter hit the roof and I decided it was indeed a rainy day, maybe even a rainy week and if it didn't rain we could pretend, right?

I looked at the cover of "The Little Guys" one more time and thought that the toadstools would make the perfect sanctuary for the little acorn guys from incoming raindrops.

Since my children are at completely different skill levels, I decided to make a template for the top and leave the rest to their imaginations. Apparently I took too long to make the template because Miss 2 decided to have a nap just as I finished. While she lay tucked up in bed, dreaming of good things, we got started.

I asked the boys how they would like to decorate their toadstool house. Master 5 who is obsessed with gingerbread men, asked for a white crayon. He explained that he wanted to mimic a gingerbread house. Master 8 thought this was a great idea. Master 8 decided since they were magical toadstools, they should sparkle. They chose rose gold and gold bio-glitter.

Master 8 cut out a door, drew some patterns and applied bio-glitter. Master 5 drew patterns and also applied bio-glitter. They each cut out and glued together their own toadstool roof using the template.

Once they had finished, Master 8 decided to display his, while Master 5 played with the acorns we placed around them for the photo.

We hope that this template helps ease your lock down cabin fever!


Yonna Roets

Little House NZ


Download PDF • 108KB

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