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Hey there! We are the Roets Family. 

We are based in windy Wellington. We have a passion for beekeeping, sustainable living, the great outdoors and crafting.  By day, I administrate Little House NZ and write, and my husband Renier is a service technician. 

Fun facts about us:

1. We have four chickens - Pepper, Sage, Ginger and Rosemary

2. We are called Little House because we currently live in a tiny house.

3.  Our work vehicle is a mini cab truck. Little house, little truck.

4. We were about to launch as a craft kit subscription service prior to the first lockdown in 2020.

5. We only take surplus honey from our hives. Honey is the best diet for bees, and we don't believe in feeding them sugar syrup unless they need help to survive.

Thanks for stopping by. Please reach out to chat all things business, wholesale, collaborations and bees!

Much love and blessings,

Renier and   Yonna Roets

Little House NZ aims to be mindful of the environment and to reduce waste wherever possible. We will be conscious of reducing waste from the drawing board right through to your doorstep. 

Thank you for choosing to support our family.

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