Hi! I'm Yonna. I am a New Zealand born and raised  'Kiwi'. I am married with three beautiful children.  I have a Bachelor in Teaching - Early Childhood Education and absolutely love crafting and getting outdoors.

I originally started Little House NZ to create craft kits for busy caregivers. However, I quickly realised that I was uncomfortable with the amount of plastic I was sending out the door. I took a break and re-evaluated, which is how I came to have the collection available today.

Our wild paint powder was born out of many experiences. I experimented making a paint using ground clay rocks which led me to research different types of paint. When my youngest was 18 months old, I set up a painting activity for her and she repeatedly put the paint in her mouth, in fact more went into her mouth than on any other surface. I had an ahha! moment and our wild paint powder was developed. Our eco-slime was developed in a similar way. Our eldest boy really enjoys slime, and I didn't. Usually the slime would come in plastic packaging and the slime itself would have added chemicals, micro plastics and glitter. This made it near impossible to dispose off except in our general waste. I also was not keen on it drying on and ruining clothing. After a lot of research and another ahha moment, we developed our eco-slime mix. 

I am passionate about providing an eco-friendly option to sensory play, crafting, art supplies, party favours and candles, along with making products with the surplus beeswax from our own hives. 

Thanks for stopping by and please reach out. I’m available to chat all things business, wholesale, collaborations and eco. 

Much love and blessings,

Yonna Roets

Little House NZ aims to be mindful of the environment and to reduce waste wherever possible. We will be conscious of reducing waste from the drawing board right through to your doorstep. Any surplus resources are recycled or donated to kindergartens and schools.
Thank you for choosing us.